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Our goal in support of your process improvement efforts is to make you self-sufficient, both in terms of operating the new processes and in assessing their performance and making adjustments.  We can visit frequently enough to give you an independent perspective and proper support and guidance, without visiting so frequently that our effectiveness as consultants is compromised. 

Our approach ensures that you have: 

  • Defined the specific results and benefits you are trying to achieve
  • Made clear assignment of responsibilities
  • Have honestly assessed your starting point, using standard measures of performance
  • Identified the educational materials needed to support the improvement plan
  • Designed the appropriate operating procedures
  • Tested proposed changes against real experience
  • Continued to monitor results through your performance measurement process. 

By bringing an outsider's eyes to your improvement program, we can help you take an objective look at current processes, practices, procedures and methods.  We can get you on a path to fast results and then keep you on that path until you have achieved your objectives.