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We have an outstanding track record in helping companies achieve World Class / Class A results with supply chain management, process management, manufacturing resource planning (MRPII), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and sales and operations planning (S&OP).  Our basic approach is to provide timely counseling and coaching so that your people can implement solutions that will truly work for you.  We guide them past the pitfalls and around the roadblocks, but they “drive the car.” 

We provide a client company with management counseling, process definition and implementation support.  The goal is to make you self-sufficient in implementing and operating manufacturing business management systems.  We don't "move in" but we do visit often enough to provide the proper support and guidance to move your company toward the results that meet your stated objectives.  We can help you in the following areas: 

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Resource Planning (MRP II)
  • Distribution Resource Planning (DRP)
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Capacity Management
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Forecasting and Demand Management
  • Performance Measurement

Our support is ideal for both implementing new systems and fine-tuning existing ones.  Our Proven Success Approach helps ensure that the following steps are completed:

  • Define a company vision and specific target benefits
  • Detail a long-term implementation plan, including weekly tasks that bring about measurable results in 90 days
  • Make clear assignment of responsibilities
  • Develop and implement properly focused educational processes to support the plan
  • Finalize the design of improved operating procedures
  • Test the proposed changes against real experience
  • Pilot the changes in a small segment of the company
  • Monitor ongoing results through performance measurements

This process allows your company to get up and running quickly.  You will see tangible improvements and financial results as you go.  As a result, you begin to reap benefits immediately, fueling a continuing enthusiasm throughout the organization.  The bottom line is that your goals will be accomplished correctly, on time and within budget. 

In other words, by bringing an outsider’s set of eyes and perspective to your improvement program, we can help your people take an objective look at current processes, practices, procedures, and methods.  We can get you on a path to success fast, and then keep you on the path until you achieve your objectives.

With Partners for Excellence, you invest in developing your people, not in producing flow charts and notebooks that will never see the light of day once the project is over.

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