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“We can’t see the forest for the trees” is how one executive put it.  “Sure we want to be more competitive, but we’re struggling to keep up with the business of getting product out the door.  Where can we find the time to do an unbiased self-assessment?  Isn’t there an effective way to find out how well we’re using our existing manufacturing and distribution resources, how effective our current systems and processes are, and where we can get the most ‘bang for the buck’ in our improvement efforts?”

Our Comprehensive Operational Assessment crosses company (customer and supplier), functional, and departmental boundaries to review your company’s processes, systems, and procedures for Operations and Resource Management.  It makes specific recommendations about significant improvement opportunities, helping your people focus on the root causes of problems causing process variability, non-value-adding activities, and excessive costs.

Our Functional Assessments focus on individual functions (or departments) to review and evaluate individual processes like Demand Management, Forecasting and Sales Planning, Sales and Operations Planning, Master Production Scheduling, etc.  These assessments look at narrower areas of opportunity to focus your improvement efforts.  Like the Comprehensive Operational Assessment, the Functional Assessments include:

  • Evaluation of processes, systems, and procedures
  • Critique of paperwork flow and information
  • Definition of what needs to be changed, eliminated, and improved for short-term results
  • Recommendations on new methods, procedures, and systems for longer-term improvement
  • Performance measurements to be instituted or changed
  • Educational needs and how to structure education for cost-effective results
  • Recommendations for organizing your efforts to take advantage of your people’s expertise

Assessment Benefits:

  • Objective assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement
  • Root causes identified
  • Cost-effective use of specialists who know how to conduct successful assessments
  • Improvements that can begin right away, as project plans are developed

One to eight days, scheduled at your convenience.