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Partners for Excellence: We are internationally known consultants who together make up a full-service manufacturing consulting and education firm, focused on effective planning, scheduling and execution. We specialize in manufacturing and distribution improvements: supply chain management, resource planning (ERP/MRPII), sales and operations planning (S&OP), capacity management, master production scheduling, forecasting and demand management, purchasing and supplier scheduling, performance measurement, etc.  Most companies use or are implementing software tools to support their improvement processes, often called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).  We’ll help you properly utilize and streamline these tools to support optimal processes and improvements.

Our name tells you what to expect: Excellence. Each partner is exceptionally knowledgeable and dedicated to the highest standards of client satisfaction. Collectively we have the best track record in our business, having helped hundreds of companies improve their operations with advanced manufacturing and distribution techniques and customer linking. We feel so strongly about excellence that we made it part of the company name.

And the word “Partners” is equally important. In our team approach, we draw on each other's backgrounds and expertise to develop and institute a sound, cost-effective plan for each client. “Partnership” also captures the essence of our business approach: We work with our clients, forming long-lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect as well as upon results. We get results without dictating, mandating, or imposing our ways on your people. We counsel, guide, and encourage. Our goal for your company is fast results and rapid self-sufficiency, but we don't cut corners to try to get there. We treat people the way we like to be treated.   

Like no other time in the past, now is the time to improve your manufacturing and distribution processes. Partners for Excellence can help you position yourself for the demands of your customers and marketplace. Take a moment to read about our uniquely integrated set of capabilities and our multi-disciplined approach. Discover what an association with Partners for Excellence can mean for your company in the area of reduced cost and working capital, enhanced productivity, and significantly improved quality of products and services. 

What We Do


Today, manufacturing companies face unprecedented challenges. Rapidly changing markets, customer needs and expectations, technology changes and competition all affect the way you do business. Getting the right product to the right place at the right time requires you to have properly configured and connected product development plans, sales plans, master schedules, material and capacity plans, Value/Supply Chain plans, sourcing plans, and financial plans. In the past, you might have been able to get by with poor processes; today, they may be the difference between success or failure in your marketplace. 

What is needed is coordination, integration, and an overall process that formalizes your resource management and planning activities and gets them working in harmony toward your organization's goals.  And to meet the ever-increasingly challenging demands of the marketplace, the scope must include all your Value/Supply Chain partners: suppliers and their suppliers, transportation providers, warehouses, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, customers and their customers.  This integration of management activities as they are executed across all your Value/Supply Chain partners is called Value/Supply Chain Management.

The tools of Value/Supply Chain Management will vary based on the characteristics of your company. For example, if you are a manufacturer, you’ll need to integrate the various sales and manufacturing functions to properly manage your critical company resources. Balancing supply and demand, synchronizing all forecasts, plans and schedules, and making material and capacity availability “worry free:” this is the essence of Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II).  

If you are a company which distributes finished products from multiple stocking locations, you will need to integrate distribution and transportation functions with sales and manufacturing to correctly plan when, how much and at which locations each of your products is needed.   One approach to managing this environment is called Distribution Resource Planning (DRP).  Other advanced planning and customer linking techniques may be appropriate for connecting multiple levels of your Demand Chain.

To decide where to start, we apply the methods and approach that is known as Process Management.  Process Management is a philosophy and a business approach that focuses on improving an organization's ability to meet the customer's needs by continuous control and development of processes.  The key is to concurrently analyze, redesign and optimize ALL the interrelated processes, sub-processes, activities and steps across all departments, functions, organizations and value chain partners, to produce value for the ultimate customer.

No matter how complex your operation, our role is to help you implement the appropriate tools, lower your overall risks, maintain the cost effectiveness of your resource planning methods and reach your specific goals as quickly as possible.

Each of our partners has an outstanding track record in implementing and operating advanced Value/Supply Chain Management approaches. We take a thorough approach to ensure Value/Supply Chain Management is doing everything it can for you. An initial audit and assessment is followed by a detailed implementation consulting support effort that integrates people, computers and procedures.

Then, whether a Resource Planning System program is being designed “from scratch” or being improved or fine-tuned, we conduct the appropriate education, tailored specifically to your company's needs.


Effective resource planning is a strong foundation, but manufacturing growth and improvement also depend on simplifying the manufacturing environment, making processes reliable and empowering the work force using the tools of modern manufactuing management. 

Resource Planning - requires integrated tools, techniques and management processes. In reaching outside the boundaries of a single enterprise to manage the extended value/supply chain, faster decision-making processes in collaboration with key suppliers and customers are needed. This is where PFE can help.


Our services include customized on-site education and hands-on consulting support including executive briefings, audits and assessment, systems design, software selection, project definition and planning, implementation support and on‑going periodic review and assistance. We are qualified auditors for “World Class” or “Class A” operational excellence in Supply Chain Management and ERP/MRP II.


One of the crucial factors in implementing effective process improvements is education. We help companies like yours understand and get the most from proven tools and methods through focused, tailored education, as well as hands-on consulting to apply those tools in controlled situations and a proven and successful implementation methodology. 

A solid, well-planned program of tailored, on-site education, based on the extensive Partners for Excellence library of educational materials (developed over 25 years of implementing and operating experience), helps ensure the results you expect. Top management and operating management need education and training to fully understand how to implement, manage with and use the latest tools and techniques for successfully competing in an ever-changing environment. But these programs must be tailored to company terminology, issues and problems.

We can help you prepare a detailed, on-site education plan. We provide the initial courses customized to ensure that your key people will be ready to upgrade your management approaches confidently, and on a timely and cost-effective, basis.

These courses are focused on your needs and on only those tools and approaches needed in your environment. We will show you how to solve problems in a time frame that matches your plans. The courses include detailed explanations and examples, as well as interactive workshops and brainstorming sessions.  Workshops are designed to help you identify and solve your problems through interactive sessions that get your people working together in teams and starting to apply the concepts to your environment and situation.


We have an outstanding track record in helping companies achieve World Class results managing their Value/Supply Chain. Our basic approach is to provide timely counseling and coaching to your people to get them to implement solutions that will truly work for you. We guide them past the pitfalls and around the roadblocks, but they “drive the car.”

By bringing an outsider's set of eyes and perspective to your improvement program, we can help your people take an objective look at current processes, practices, procedures and methods in a process oriented manner. We can get you on a path to success fast and then keep you on the path until you achieve your objectives.

With Partners for Excellence, you invest in developing your people., not in producing flow charts and notebooks that will never see the light of day once the project is over.


We have the best track record in the business. Our focus is singular. How can we activate the power of your people to get the results you want. We help you define an overall implementation plan using proven methodologies and tailor education programs to support the plan. We listen, we apply our experience to your specific situation, and we roll up our sleeves to help. We assemble a team consisting of just the right people in order to pull together the most appropriate program for your organization.


We are large enough to handle any Supply Chain, manufacturing, or distribution effort, but small enough to keep the Partners actively involved.


We continue to work with some of the world's finest large and small companies.  Check out the company we keep.


The next step is yours: Contact Partners for Excellence. You'll discover how our approach, experience and talents can help you maximize your resources and improve your bottom-line performance. We've worked successfully with clients ranging from small firms to Fortune 100 companies, and we can help you achieve similar success. Your call will be the beginning of a very productive partnership.