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Do you have any of these problems

  • Poor manufacturing on-time delivery performance

  • Poor supplier on-time delivery performance

  • Last-minute production surprises

  • Excessive lead times

  • Inflexible plant schedules

  • Inflexible manufacturing processes

  • Inflexible suppliers

  • Push scheduling system causing excessive WIP and missed schedules

Learn the secrets to getting these kinds of results (results are from our clients):  

  • MPS performance up 57 percentage points

  • Master schedule on-time performance consistently above 95%

  • Manufacturing cycle time reduced 50% or more on all lines

  • Work-in-process inventory reduced by 78%

  • Demonstrated capacity increased by 15%

  • Productivity increased - units per person - by 35%

  • Supplier performance improved to over 95%


Typically our clients have worked on the following areas to show the kinds of improvements listed above:  

  • Upgraded sales and operations planning processes to ensure resources - key materials, people and equipment - are available at the right time to execute a lean strategy.  

  • Better master scheduling and leveling techniques to achieve production stability.  

  • Improved scheduling mechanisms including load leveling boxes to communicate finishing schedules to the key pacemaker processes.  

  • New lean strategies for producing to customer orders or to finished good supermarket replenishment signals rather than to forecasted demand.    

  • Focused setup time reduction programs to increase plant flexibility and reduced production intervals.  

  • Improved statistical process controls and other quality techniques to reduce variability and eliminate scrap.  

  • Implemented supplier scheduling processes to give advanced visibility of purchasing requirements for key materials.  

  • Developed vendor managed inventory methods to reduce duplicated efforts and streamline purchasing activities on certain classes of material.  


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Tailored classes and workshops

  • A solid, well-planned program of tailored, on-site education

  • Tailored education methodology

Consulting and assessment

  • Objective assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement

  • Tangible improvements and financial results as you go


You can get personalized help.  If you would like to discuss your company's situation in more detail, you can send a question or comments to one of our Senior Partners using the form below, or you can call directly. 


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