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Do you have any of these problems

  • Greater supply chain visibility is needed

  • There are no integrated business plans.

  • Executives lack the information to validate the business plan 

  • Operating managers don't have accurate information to measure performance.

  • Operating managers lack ownership for supply and demand plans.

  • Finance doesn't use the operational supply and demand information for profit or cash flow projections


Learn the secrets to getting these kinds of results (results are from our clients):  

  • Using the Sales & Operations Planning process has allowed management to focus more time on problem prevention and less time on firefighting.

  • Sales and operations planning institutionalized communications that happened only informally, if at all, prior to our new process.  

  • Single set of numbers drive both operations and financial activities.  

  • Time for accounting close (end of month) down from 9 days to 2

  • Can now perform real time financial analyses of different planning scenarios during S&OP meetings 

  • Through improved S&OP, reduced by more than 50% the time and resources needed to develop the annual business plan and budget 

  • Used S&OP information to more accurately and quickly decide where to devote scarce financial resources for new product or new market initiatives 

  • Developed visibility of Dealer field inventory as part of Production planning process 

Typically our clients have worked on the following areas to show the kinds of improvements listed above:  

  • Upgraded sales and operations planning processes to ensure resources - key materials, people and equipment - are available at the right time to execute a lean strategy.  

  • Improved forecasting techniques and processes ensure that the most up-to-date demand is being used at all times.  

  • Rough cut capacity planning provides long-term view of capacity needs so the lean execution system can operate effectively.  

  • Better master scheduling and leveling techniques to achieve production stability.  

  • Improved scheduling mechanisms including load leveling boxes to communicate finishing schedules to the key pacemaker processes.  

  • New lean strategies for determining production intervals, tied into demands coming from the planning system, ensure kanban loops that are "optimized" to plant and market conditions.      

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  • Tailored education methodology

Consulting and assessment

  • Objective assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement

  • Tangible improvements and financial results as you go


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