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Do you have any of these problems? 

  • Abnormal demands not identified soon enough

  • Customer “big events” not managed or forecasted.

  • Inaccurate forecasts

  • Erratic demand    

  • Ownership lacking for the forecast or sales plan

  • What to forecast is a significant issue

  • Overall customer service is poor

Learn the secrets to getting these kinds of results (results are from our clients):  

  • 99.x%+ customer delivery reliability

  • 100% of customer orders shipped on-time and complete for 7 months consecutively

  • Surprise customer orders cut in half, from over 100 per week to less than 50 per week

  • Improvements in forecasting and planning in 100 days or less.

  • Typical customer order lead time reduced from 32 days to 4 days

  • Forecast variability reduced with no major investment in new systems 


Typically our clients have worked on the following areas to show the kinds of improvements listed above:  

  • Upgraded sales and operations planning processes to develop a common and consistent demand and supply plan across all parts of the business, and to implement a coherent inventory strategy considering demand variability, supply flexibility, and financial constraints.

  • New forecasting processes (often without software changes) to document assumptions, work by exception, reduce variability and eliminate bias from aggregate and detailed demand numbers.    

  • Improved demand management and order promising processes to manage incoming orders, identify abnormal demands that require special handling, and assess the impact of changes to existing orders.  

  • Better master scheduling and promising based on availability to ensure maximum service as well as schedule stability for the plant and suppliers.  

  • Improved record keeping processes to increase inventory record accuracy and ensure the accuracy of promises and minimize schedule disruptions. 

  • New lean strategies for producing to customer orders or to finished good supermarket replenishment signals rather than to forecasted demand.    

You can find additional information about these problems and their solutions here at this website in the following places: 



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Tailored classes and workshops

  • A solid, well-planned program of tailored, on-site education

  • Tailored education methodology

Consulting and assessment

  • Objective assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement

  • Tangible improvements and financial results as you go


You can get personalized help.  If you would like to discuss your company's situation in more detail, you can send a question or comments to one of our Senior Partners using the form below, or you can call directly. 


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