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Do you have any of these problems? 


In Customer and Business Performance

Poor flexibility to the customer
Last-minute surprises regarding customer orders             
Late or missed customer deliveries                         
Customer requested changes and customizations take too long and are too expensive
Poor inventory performance - excessive inventory, low turnover                                                                           
Excessive work in process inventory
Cash flow problems: too much inventory, or inventory in the wrong places in the supply chain                            
Excessive manufacturing cost                                 
Excessive purchasing costs
Unexpected excess cost: overtime, freight, etc.        
Inconsistent quality, excess scrap and rework

In Demand Management And Customer Service

Abnormal demands not identified soon enough
Customer “big events” not managed or forecasted.
Inaccurate forecasts
Erratic demand    
Ownership lacking for the forecast or sales plan
What to forecast is a significant issue
Overall customer service is poor


In Manufacturing And Purchasing Performance

Poor manufacturing on-time delivery performance
Poor supplier on-time delivery performance
Last-minute production surprises
Excessive lead times
Inflexible plant schedules
Inflexible manufacturing processes
Inflexible suppliers
Push scheduling system causing excessive WIP and missed schedules


In Manufacturing Management

Disjointed and dysfunctional manufacturing flows
Erratic production schedules causing intermittent, start and stop flows and missed schedules
Excessive production floor paperwork and transactions
Excessive and unexpected downtime
Frequent shortages as well as excess inventory
Capacity problems and surprise production bottlenecks


In New Product Introductions

New product development takes too long and is too expensive
Too many last-minute surprises in the product development cycle
Time and cost targets are unreliable
Too many product changes (ECNs) after product launch  
Engineering deliverables (parts list, structured bills, routings, drawings, visual aids, or material specs) are always late
No defined and formal new product introduction process including phases & gates milestones exists in the company
No post audit & root cause analysis of the new product introduction problems exists
Issues associated with new product introductions are not communicated effectively outside the engineering organization
The new product introduction process is too complex.


In Overall Supply Chain Performance

The supply chain is not well synchronized. Individual pieces may work well, but overall things are fairly disconnected
Supply is out of balance with demand, or demand is out of balance with supply 
Too short of a planning horizon
Vendor managed inventory program doesn't exist or is not working as anticipated
Effective distribution planning approach or system does not exist
Supplier certification program does not exist or is not working as well as expected 
Bills of material have bee over structured contributing to complexity and performance problems
Lot sizes (order quantities or campaigns) are too big 


In Management Information

Greater supply chain visibility is needed
There are no integrated business plans.
Executives lack the information to validate the business plan 
Operating managers don't have accurate information to measure performance.
Operating managers lack ownership for supply and demand plans.
Finance doesn't use the operational supply and demand information for profit or cash flow projections


In Working Together As A Team

Departments operate as silos
Dysfunctional communication processes
Poor teamwork
Problem/project of the month mentality  
Employees have not been trained in use of problem solving tools, so problem solving activities are informal and erratic, with slow progress solving real problems
People don't feel empowered to act or to solve problems
Action Teams tend to spend too much time in analysis and too little in actual implementation
Action teams lack direction and focus
Listening and communication skills are poor or non-existent
The climate of the organization does not allow people to be involved in solving business problems.

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