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If you are asking yourself "Just how do we get started?":  

  • Contact one of us by telephone or email.  We'll take the time to discuss your problem, or what projects need support, or other ways that PFE can be beneficial to your organization. 
  • Schedule a conference call with key decision makers and one of us to discuss possible solutions, how to get started, and timing. A key outcome from this conference call may be a face to face meeting at your site with a "risk free" guarantee. 

Some consulting companies have fixed models for working with clients. The Partners for Excellence objective is to devote the time and resources to your company that are needed for success. One key to this is our ability to flex to fit your needs. We aren't trying to use a cookie cutter to make every company and every problem fit our products. We have taken on many projects that would be considered non-traditional, all to help our clients to be more successful. 

Examples of some of the non-traditional projects we have done include mentoring managers in new positions or with new responsibilities; providing high level project management supervision, facilitating meetings between adversarial groups, and reducing the level of startup problems in new software projects. 

Our success has been based on a combination of education and consulting. Education explains why, while consulting supports what, when and how.