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Today, manufacturing companies face unprecedented challenges. Rapidly changing markets, customer needs and expectations, technology changes and competition all affect the way you do business. Getting the right product to the right place at the right time requires you to have properly configured and connected product development plans, sales plans, master schedules, material and capacity plans, supplier schedules and financial plans. In the past, you might have been able to get by with poor systems; today, your systems may be the difference between success or failure in your marketplace.

What's needed is coordination, integration and an overall system that formalizes your resource management and planning activities and gets them working in harmony toward your organization's goals. This integration of management activities is called supply chain management.

The tools of supply chain management will vary based on the characteristics of your company. For example, if you are a manufacturer shipping directly to customers, manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) integrates the various sales and manufacturing functions to properly manage your critical company resources. If you are a company which distributes finished products from multiple stocking locations, distribution resource planning (DRP) integrates distribution and transportation functions with sales and manufacturing to correctly plan when, how much and at which locations each of your products is needed. Other advanced planning and customer linking techniques like efficient consumer response (ECR) may be appropriate for linking across multiple levels of your supply chain. No matter how complex your operation, our role is to help you implement the appropriate tools, lower your overall risks, maintain the cost effectiveness of your resource planning methods and reach your specific goals as quickly as possible.

Each of our partners has an outstanding track record in implementing and operating advanced supply chain management approaches. We take a thorough approach to ensure supply chain management is doing everything it can for you. An initial audit and assessment is followed by a detailed implementation consulting support effort that integrates people, computers and procedures.

Then, whether a supply chain management program is being designed "from scratch" or being improved or fine-tuned, we conduct the appropriate education, tailored specifically to your company's needs